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Hi! I'm Menno.
I'm an enthusiastic and curious interaction & user experience designer with a unique view on problems. I love good usability.

After graduating from gymnasium in 2012 I decided to study Communication & Multimedia Design at The Hague University. Visual, interaction and user experience design are the keywords of my study. Though, I have also learned to develop communication strategies and develop in HTML/CSS/JS[jQ].

There were some notable highlights during my studies. I won an expert jury prize for the best online portfolio of all first year students, passed my propaedeutic year with distinction, and founded my own webdesign company. A leading Dutch digital agency (Tam Tam) offered me a visual and interaction design internship, where I improved my visual, conceptual and interaction design skills.
In 2015 I was selected to participate in the national talent programme for digital design students, organised by the leading sector association Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA). I trained my skills in multidisciplinary team work, creativity and (disruptive) service design within this programme.

In my last year I was an Austauschstudent - in yes - Germany😋 ! I studied as an exchange student at the Stuttgart Media University, where I focused on brand experience, marketing and creating concepts (both in German and English). In 2016 I graduated in The Netherlands with a project where I made a user-friendly platform to read out measurements from smart-city sensors.

"Make users smile while using their devices. That's what I work for every day"

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I have worked with pleasure on projects for clients, university and myself. A selection of most memorable projects is displayed below. Will you be part of my next project?
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Concept, UX & Design
Concept, UX & Design

The first user-centred online platform to find your suitable coach in The Netherlands.

Introducing Meeting your perfect coach online was difficult in The Netherlands. Neither did a central place to search exist, nor were qualifications of a specific coach available. solved both problems.

A suitable coach is found by selecting for whom the user is searching a coach, and the dilemma the user is facing. The list of found coaches allows a specification based on personal life-changing characteristics, e.g. being married, having children or being religious. I introduced this feature as research shows a higher succes rate of coaching sessions with a coach and coachee sharing common life styles. Profiles of coaches show introductions in their lives, professional career and qualifications. Additionally, a typical coach session with the specific coach is described as coaching is often experienced as ambiguous.

The concept was based on the ambiguity of coaching and designed user-centred. Wherever uncertainties about coaching could be experienced, content to provide a clear and understandable story to the user was designed. The user-centred design is reflected in the lack of coaching-specific terminology, but presence of easily understandable content.
The process behind An investor approached me with his idea of bringing coaches and coachees together. I wasn't familiar with coaching, so researched the field of coaching. I read articles, experiences and conducted interviews under both coaches and coachees. This was very useful, as the target group turned out to be different than expected at first by the client. After this introduction to coaching, I conducted further research on online meet&match platforms.

Based on my research, I started sketching. Several sketches led to a concept and low-fidelity prototype, which were presented to the client. After approval, this low-fidelity prototype was further developed into an interactive high-fidelity prototype. A last user test indicated minor improvements, and led to the coding of the website. The website was coded by a trusted partner, and is currently live. has resulted in numerous successful matches and coaching sessions.

What the customer says...

Jarwa Webdesign (Menno) designed a website for me which I'm very proud of, and receive a lot of compliments about. The reason for me to work with him was his creativity and attention to details. Those are, in my opinion, aspects you can only learn limited. Those skills are present naturally by Menno.
In our collaboration, I also noticed his commitment and how he can be resolute. It often seems that Menno already has a certain idea in which direction the design has to go, and can talk about that idea with a lot of passion. Since I don't have a design background, it was great to drop my ideas with him, so that he could create a vision in which direction the design should go.
With his involvement, Menno also shows a lot of initiative, and is focused on a high quality result. He's not afraid to do the work for that. He, for example, started to search for future users for my website to get more feeling with the target audience.

Sander Goethals
SPMG Web Services B.V.
project First portfolio website icoon First Portfoliowebsite
First portfoliowebsite, 2012
Concept, UX, Design & Development
First portfoliowebsite
Concept, UX, Design & Development

At the end of my first study year I created an award-winning portfolio website. It isn't updated anymore - see it as history in a digital 'museum'.

Introducing my first portfoliowebsite The first portfolio website I ever made takes you on a journey to get to know me. I wanted to present myself as a creative and enthusiastic designer by offering a personal and professional journey through my life. An example consists of an interactive timeline. The timeline describes memorable occurrings, such as receiving my first electronic device (a gameboy advance), till the foundation of my own company. Occurrings that weren't necessarily professional, but which formed me as a designer.

My eye for detail and desire for complete user experiences come to life by using the contact form. The contact form itself offers a clear understanding of approved inputs, but after sending the message it literally and visually 'flies' through the universe from your computer to me.
Prize Of 120 first year students, 5 students were selected to present their portfolio to an expert jury. This expert jury, consisting of the leading digital companies Tam Tam, Fabrique and DPI Animation House awarded my portfolio with the first prize. This was an honorary prize, and led to the foundation of my own webdesign company.

project My.Workplace icoon My.Workplace
Concept, UX & Design
Concept, UX & Design

My.Workplace allows users to make their working day more pleasurable.

Introducing My.Workplace The Hague University in Delft was rebuilt in 2010 and equipped with thousands of sensors. Those sensors measured brightness, temperature, movement and oxygen levels. Measurements should have been available and even adjustable to building users. An application was never available for them. At the same time, users were complaining about the indoor climate circumstances and a shortage of unoccupied co-working spaces.

The app I designed allows users to make their complete working day more pleasant. Users are able to monitor and influence climate settings on workplaces or classrooms. The user is even notified when an upcoming appointment takes place in a room with negative values (e.g. too warm, or a shortage of oxygen). Users are then able to 'boost' the climate system manually, or reschedule the appointment to another room. This is easily accomplished, as the application combines schedule-information with live occupation data.
By using indoor tracking methods such as iBeacons, users are able to find and book unoccupied classrooms nearby, or get notified to leave on time for an appointment at the other side of the building.

The process behind My.Workplace At completion of the new building of The Hague University in Delft, an application was made for all employees to control all indoor sensors. However, the application was only used sporadic by the building owner after receiving complaints per e-mail from employees.

I started my process by conducting interviews under employees, and under a secondary target group students. Employees manifested their dissatisfaction about the indoor climate circumstances. Rooms felt muggy, and when windows were opened, the complete airconditioning shut down. Students also complained about the unavailability of unoccupied co-working spaces.

Thereupon I conducted research in various fields. I researched how people experience influencing an indoor climate system, how climate control generally was perceived, and which indoor tracking systems would have been appropriate. It turned out, that people were more satisfied about their workplace when they could control thermal conditions. This satisfaction was equal, whether the actual climate system worked or not (Paciuk, M. 1990).

Based on my research, I started with paper prototyping, which I tested amongst users. Various improvements were incorporated in the interactive hi-fidelity prototype. I also suggested futuristic developments such as gamification, NFC tags, and availability to students.

project Toppie! icon Toppie!
Concept, UX & Design
Concept, UX & Design

Makes the workday for cognitively impaired workers easier and more pleasurable.

Introducing Toppie! Toppie (Dutch slang for "great job") was designed for cognitively impaired workers at an adult day care centre. Those people worked in a cafe, on handicraft projects or bike repairs and were assisted by performing those tasks. Toppie allows the impaired workers to see their personal day schedule, current task and upcoming tasks. Tasks can be completed stepwise, and offer clear instructions. All text is accompanied by familiar icons, which are already frequently used by impaired workers.

The app allows impaired workers to perform stepwise tasks more individually, and get more personal attention from care workers. Care workers were now less distracted by numerous people needing assistance. This time could be spend to give more attention - and for a longer time - to cognitively impaired workers.

The process behind Toppie! A non-profit adult day care center was facing a problem. Care workers were only able to give an insufficient amount of attention to cognitively impaired workers, as they had to individually assist a large group of impaired people with their tasks. I had never worked with cognitively impaired people as a designer, so I started by researching the target group. One of the outcomes was the significant difference in capabilities. Some were able to perform detailed tasks without instructions, others needed stepwise tasks to complete simple tasks as turning on a vacuum cleaner. Another outcome was the high frequency of smartphone and tablet usage.

Based on this user research, I created personas and a list of features the design should offer. Paper prototypes were tested under cognitively impaired workers, which was a special experience. They understood this kind of prototyping, and were able to perform the tasks described in the test plan. Some tasks provided useful insights, e.g. specific word choices. The text "help" led to a panic reaction, "I have a question" was experienced more clear and therefore preferred.

A next step was the design of an hi-fidelity prototype of Toppie. It was important to use specific icons designed for impaired people, as they were familiair with those icons. A draft for the administrator portal was also designed. This administrator portal allowed care workers to schedule events for impaired workers, monitor the process of tasks, and adjust the level of detail of stepwise tasks individually.

Part of my life.
I spent a lot of time with my camera, and attended several photography courses to experiment with photography techniques. More photos are found here and here.

Jarwa Webdesign
For happy customers.
As my designs were liked during my first study year, I decided to start my own company. Great decision so far. I've worked on awesome projects, and applied the knowledge of my study in practice.
We will discover different concepts to make your online wishes come true. I also help with usability issues.
I primarily design websites, but also work on logo or business cards design. Photography is also done by myself.
I develop websites by myself. For more complex systems, I work together with trusted partners.

About Jarwa Webdesign
To kickstart the foundation of my own company I attended a master class programme for young entrepreneurs, called "De Zomerondernemer" (The Young Entrepreneur). During this summerschool I participated in masterclasses regarding tax authorities, the chamber of commerce and marketing. I don't like templates, so I don't use them for any customer. I design things 100% by myself.

What the customer says...

Jarwa Webdesign (Menno) designed a website for me which I'm very proud of, and receive a lot of compliments about. The reason for me to work with him was his creativity and attention to details. Those are, in my opinion, aspects you can only learn limited. Those skills are present naturally by Menno.
With his involvement, Menno also shows a lot of initiative, and is focused on a high quality result. He's not afraid to do the work for that. He, for example, started to search for future users for my website to get more feeling with the target audience.

Sander Goethals
SPMG Web Services B.V.

Always in touch.
Any ideas you would like to talk about? Just want to meet for a coffee? Or just talk about your life story. I'm happy to listen. Typically I answer you within 6 hours.


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